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Your thoughts are powerful.

They influence your behavior and your future. The scary thing is that most people think more negative thoughts than they do positive!

Because the way you think influences what you believe and the way you act, it’s important to start training yourself to think positive thoughts and establish ways that help you stop negative thoughts from taking over.

To get yourself in the habit of thinking positively, say 10 positive things to yourself every morning (as soon as you wake up).

Here’s an example:
– I can do anything as long as I believe I can.
– My mistakes don’t define me.
– I am resilient.
– I am strong.
– I am confident.
– I always do my best work.
– I can think for myself.
– I am intelligent.
– I’m a good listener.
– I believe in myself.

If you wake up and say the previous affirmations to yourself every morning, you’ll find yourself in a much better mood throughout the day and your day won’t get ruined by someone or something else as often. I am a firm believer that the way you start your day influences THE ENTIRE DAY. No one wants to have a bad day, right?

After you get used to saying the affirmations I’ve come up with (just to get you started of course), come up with your own affirmations that are specific to you and your goals. Make sure you recite them every morning and change them as you and your goals change.

As far as keeping negative thoughts from creeping in your head goes, the first step is to learn to recognize a negative thought. A negative thought is a thought that is depreciating or denies your ability to do or accomplish something. In other words, a negative thought lessens the value of someone or something.

An example of a negative thought is, “I can’t speak in front of large groups of people.” That thought negates the ability a person has to speak in front of large groups of people. Also steer clear of unreasonable thoughts such as, “I can fly,” or “I can become and elite level athlete in 3 years.” Get into the habit of thinking positive thoughts that you know are possible to accomplish.

Notice the negative thought and then smash it with a positive thought. Turn, “I can’t speak in front of large groups on people,” to “I can speak in front of hundreds of thousands of people with extreme ease.” If you practice smashing those negative thoughts, you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of positive thinking.

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