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Are there a bunch of things you’ve been meaning to do, change or plan, but just haven’t had the time to?

Well NOW it’s time to start managing your activities while keeping in mind what you must accomplish in life, and rearrange things a little bit so you CAN do the things you want to do.

Life is too short to procrastinate. Life is to short to waste time dreaming and never taking action. Life is too short period!

First, I encourage you to plan each day’s activities with your priorities in mind. Priorities are the things that must get done within a few hours, one day or in the next few days because of a time constraint that will either render the activity worthless if it doesn’t get done by a certain time, or push your ability to accomplish the activity further into the future, which leads to the delayed accomplishment of that goal.

Next, learn to plan loosely. This means leave room for events that you couldn’t have planned for. Those events that spring up out of nowhere that must get done immediately. That 30-minute phone call you had to take, that disaster with the printer, the emergency run to the drugstore…who knows what could happen! If you’re going to leave room in your schedule for disasters and events you can’t plan for, you’re going to need to start on goals or project EARLIER than you think you should – In other words, NOW or as soon as possible.

You’re also going to need to cut the people out of your life that don’t contribute to it. That friend who’s always drunk or has some problem they need to talk to you about, that family member who just borrows money from you, or that boyfriend or girlfriend who just takes up waaaaaaaaaay too much of your time. When you get rid of the people who waste time – which you can’t get back by the way – you’ll find you have more time to accomplish your dreams!

Lastly, DON’T GIVE UP. Often a person will come up with an idea and get really excited about it. Then they start thinking about how they’re going to accomplish their idea, which illuminates the magnitude of the task. When a person looks at every little thing they have to do in order to achieve a “dream” or a idea people scoff at, it can impede the person from even doing one task that will put them a step further down the road to achieving their goal. If you’ve done that before don’t worry, you’re normal!

Humans respond positively to doing a large number of small tasks rather than one task of great magnitude. For some reason the human brain thinks a billion small tasks are easier to accomplish than one larger task, even if it won’t take as much time to do as all of the small tasks. So break up that big idea into small tasks and do one of those tasks every day or every other day until you reach that goal of yours.

Begin by writing down your life goals and evaluating your daily activities. Then follow the steps above to create a road map to accomplishing your dreams!

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