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Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!!

They can ruin your life, your plans, relationships, and they can most definitely ruin your workouts.

If you’re a human being, at some point in your life, you’ve probably made an excuse so you didn’t have to do something that was difficult, required you to overcome a fear or put you waaaaaaayyyyyy out of your comfort zone. How can one stop the excuses? It’s going to take patience and persistence, just as breaking any bad habit would.

First, you’ve got to start recognizing WHEN you make excuses. Some people do it so much that they don’t even realize it! If you can’t spot when you’re making excuses, get a co-worker, friend or loved one to help you take notice of your excuse making habit until you stop doing it. The best way to get rid of a habit is to stay on top of it until it goes away for good. Simply notice when you make an excuse and mark down the day and time you did it in your “Excuse Log.” Also make note of what you could have done differently to prevent yourself from making an excuse.


Excuse: Monday, January 3, 2011, 2pm: I was really tired, so I told my friend I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t meet him/her at the gym.
What I could have done: Taken a 10 minute cat nap and had some hot tea to wake me up.

You can’t write the same excuse twice in your Excuse Log. The next time you try to make that excuse (you’ll remember if you wrote it in your log or not) you have to do what you wrote next to “What I could have done.” This is how you’ll transform into an anti-excuse machine!

To make it through the process of getting rid of your excuse making habits, you will need quite a bit of patience. Some people are naturally patient, while others have to work on becoming patient. Patience is something many people admire, so it won’t just be a beneficial trait while you’re trying to say goodbye to bad habits. People will respect and admire you for it.

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