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Most people think of things they’d like to do and just dream about doing them.

They never actually start doing activities that will help them reach their goal, or they begin doing goal-oriented tasks and stop in the middle of goal achievement because something else gets in the way, they lose hope or they think it’s taking too long to reach their dream.

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much about HOW you’re going to get something done, and start living in the NOW.

When you stop thinking about how and start living in the now, you’ll be surprised at what you accomplish.

I’m not saying to stop thinking, planning and being logical. I’m not telling you to march on blindly. I’m saying to come up with a plan to achieve your goal and go after it without thinking too much. When a person over analyzes, they often do a worse job at the thing they were trying to do, they talk themselves out of the activity, or they can’t even do the task because they’ve thought too hard and they’re confused from all of the thinking.

Here are a few steps to help you efficiently achieve any goal you may have:

– Focus on one activity at a time.

When you’re doing an activity, that’s all you’re doing. Don’t worry about what’s next or if you’ll get the activity done that you’re doing right now so you can get to the next. It’s a waste of your time. Use the energy you would have used to worry, and use it to get your current activity finished. Use that energy in the gym too!

– Keep your eye on the end result, or what you eventually want to accomplish, but don’t stress if you’re a little behind on getting goal-oriented tasks done or some unexpected life event puts you behind schedule.

Something is bound to get in your way, so expect it and when it comes, greet it with a smile. You knew it was coming. Just work around it, extend your goal date a little and keep going.

– Don’t let people or unexpected life events stop you from accomplishing your goals.

If someone tells you there’s no way you’ll ever accomplish something, screw them. You don’t want to be their friend anyway. Only keep people in your life that believe in you. You don’t have to put up with negativity, and you don’t have to explain why. If something happens in your life that tears you up emotionally or physically or away from the place where you can accomplish your goal(s), don’t worry. Go through your task list and find the tasks you can still accomplish at that point in your life (there are bound to be a few), and don’t stop believing. Every day when you wake up, remind yourself that YOU CAN accomplish anything and YOU WILL achieve your ultimate goal in life.

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