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We all need love. It’s an exciting and thrilling emotion!

Without love from a family member, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, it can be hard to achieve goals and make headway in activities you’ve been longing to accomplish – mostly because you feel alone and like you don’t have the support and resources to make things happen.

When a person likes or loves something about you, most of the time they let you know. Has a good friend ever complimented your work? Has a lover ever told you how beautiful your hair or eyes were, or how perfect your figure was? Maybe your aunt told you no one could hit musical notes like you do. I bet those compliments felt good and encouraged you to continue pursuing a dream, work even harder at a goal you were trying to achieve or just made you feel good – and if we feel good, we are more productive and can focus more easily.

Today, I want you to find the love in your life. Think about the friends who are always there for you, the teachers and mentors who really and truly care, or that boyfriend or girlfriend who makes sacrifices for you. Every now and then, let those people know how much you care and that you appreciate them and what they do for you.

We always need reminders that we’re loved and when we get them, it makes us want to give more of ourselves and spread even more positivity and love. Always focus on giving, and never worry about receiving. It will serve you in such a wonderful way.

Here’s another activity I encourage you to add to your To-Do List:


Evaluate the friends in your life. Do they add to it and smother you with compliments, or do they put you down all the time?

If a friend brings negativity into your life, throw them out of the equation.

If you keep that negative friend in your life, you’re holding yourself back and putting effort into pleasing the person who’s holding you back! Keep people around who encourage, motivate, inspire and love you, as well as encourage you to become a better person.

The best way to add love to your life is to love yourself. First and foremost, you do that by optimizing your health with exercise (preferably outside where you can soak up some sun and enjoy the wildlife)!

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