Meryl Hawk speaking at Jersey Village High School

Elite Personal Trainer Meryl Hawk, owner of ZipZapFit (, is committed to helping women and girls achieve gender equality and enhance their confidence and self-esteem through physical fitness, health and wellness. To further that mission, she has made ZipZapFit speaking events available in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

ZipZapFit speaking events are ideal for schools, companies and organizations looking for an inspiring presentation on the lifelong benefits of nutrition and fitness. Hawk’s focus in these events is on how women can experience newfound confidence by embarking on a physical fitness journey. Moreover, she explains how navigating life as a woman is so much simpler and rewarding when one feels fully in control.

Meryl Hawk (ZipZapFit Owner) Speaks To High School Students

“Once a woman goes through a health and fitness transformation, she realizes that she is capable of just about anything. That kind of empowerment is invaluable,” says Hawk. “I know this, because I see it happen every day with the women I train. They immediately stop all of the self-denial, throw away the powerless and fixed mindset that society has always encouraged in them, and finally take control of their lives and stand up for the equality they know deep down they deserve.”

Gender equality is an issue facing women around the world. The United Nations Department for the Advancement of Women has added to this important discussion with the publication of “Women, Gender Equality and Sport.” The report states that “the participation of women and girls in sport challenges gender stereotypes and discrimination, and can therefore be a vehicle to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.”

Hawk noted that the UN published the previously mentioned report in December 2007, yet women are still fighting for gender equality — in workplaces and organizations, schools and institutions, and marriages and relationships. In every corner of the world, this struggle continues. “It has been almost a century since women made their first big leap of progress in 1920 with Women’s Suffrage,” says Hawk. “How much longer before gender equality is going to be a real thing?”

ZipZapFit Speaking Events Now Available in Greater Los Angeles

For Hawk, ZipZapFit is her most important contribution to female empowerment. She believes that fitness is a promising gateway to gender equality, because it engenders confidence in oneself that isn’t necessarily achievable via the routines of modern life. For instance, completing (and mastering) unfamiliar, challenging tasks like push-ups, squats, crunches and other advanced physical exercises provide a sense of accomplishment that give one an entirely new perspective on life.

Recently, one of Hawk’s former teachers, Reggie Childress, invited her to speak to his physical education classes and impart her knowledge and enthusiasm to the younger generation. “Meryl is a master of her craft and incredibly bright individual,” said Childress. “She has a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. Meryl has a warm and spontaneous personality that makes her workouts fun for each of her clients. She’s brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve their goals. Simply stated, Meryl is the BEST!”

Beginning in 2018, ZipZapFit will be expanding its online offerings. First up is “ZipZapFit — In 4 Minutes!”, an online instant access product designed to help budget-conscious women get the body and life they desire. The 4-minute home workout requires no equipment and can be done practically anywhere.

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ZipZapFit offers Women’s In-Home Personal Training in the Greater Los Angeles area, aiming to improve the overall health, fitness and confidence level of as many women as possible.








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