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THE SQUAT is one of the most important and beneficial exercises for the human being.

It’s an exercise that works multiple muscle groups at once (the core, hamstrings, quads, butt and calves) which is great because you work out a few muscle groups with one movement, and you train your body how to use more than one muscle group at once, it’s a major calorie burner because it requires so much effort, and it increases the level at which your nervous system must coordinate movement with your muscle-skeletal system.

Technique is a critical factor when you’re exercising because good technique is the difference between getting hurt and staying injury free.

If you haven’t been taught exercise technique before, I encourage you to higher a trainer to help you learn the proper way to exercise. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself and get a bad taste in your mouth that keeps you away from the gym forever.

Because squats work multiple muscle groups they stimulate more muscle fibers, and the greater the fiber recruitment, the more muscles get activated. This is important, especially if you’re no longer 16-years-old, because as you age you almost always stop using certain muscle groups. The squat keeps all of those lower body muscles activated, which is what you want.

If you’ve never done a squat before and you don’t think it’s possible for you to do one, flip that thought around and tell yourself, “I can do a squat. It may take me a couple of weeks to learn how, but I can do one.” You as you are right now are capable of doing a squat, but because you stopped being as active as you used to be or just aren’t active enough, is most likely the reason you may think you can’t do a squat.

Before you rush to the gym and start doing squats, keep the following observation in mind. Every time I visit the gym, I know I’m going to see someone doing a squat, and I know I’m going to see them doing it the wrong way. So many people think that exercising is something you can just go do – even if you haven’t been taught the correct technique (the right way to do it).

Hire a Personal Trainer to teach you how to do a squat, and you’ll have nothing to worry about! Most trainers are well worth the price per hour. The benefits you receive from each hour with your trainer are invaluable and go well beyond what you pay them for their services.

Remember, the more active you are and the more squats you do right now, the more active you’ll stay and the more squats you’ll be able to do as the years go by.

Now it’s time to grab your workout shoes and start piling on the squats. If you don’t have a good pair of workout shoes that support your arch, I highly recommend Brooks Running for a good pair. They also have some great apparel!

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