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Your appearance is a direct and honest reflection of your health.

I’m talking about all of the aspects of health: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

The way you eat, how much you workout, the relationship you have with yourself (mental) and others (social) and the relationship you have with the rest of the world (spiritual) all coalesce to form your outward appearance. All of the previous aspects of health I mentioned should positively impact your emotions. If they do, you’ll notice.

A good workout, a healthy meal, a positive relationship with yourself, your friends and the rest of the world make you feel better. And let’s face it, the better you feel the better you look.

The challenge here is to make time to nurture all of the aspects of your health. Often a person will be very healthy in a few aspects and severely lacking in the others. This is often because the person is spending too much time on a few aspects and barely giving any attention, or none at all, to the other aspects.

Sit down and evaluate how much time you spend on each health aspect, and make time in your schedule to pay attention to all aspects in a way that correspond with the goals in your life.

For instance: If you’re not very physically fit, but you have a very healthy relationship with yourself and your friends, and you have been trying to get in shape, spend a little less time maintaining the mental and social aspects of your health and hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to get your physical aspect on track.

They key to life is and always will be, BALANCE. Once balance finds a place in your health, you will notice a dramatically positive difference in your appearance! How cool is that?

If you’re lacking in the physical aspect of health, shop around at Live Superfoods and ProHealth to give it a positive boost.

I also HIGHLY recommend making a stop at Quality Health to peruse its wealth of health information and features including community support, a symptom checker and special pages devoted to mental health and relationships!

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