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Are there days when you just don’t want to go to the gym?

At one point or another, almost everyone has a day when they DO NOT want to go to the gym – even bodybuilders experience this!

They’re either sleepy, tired of the gym, have a million other things to do, or they have some pressing task on their plate.

There are several tricks to help you combat these feelings:

– Have a gym buddy, or several gym buddies in case one gets sick, that you go to the gym with. A gym buddy brings accountability and motivation into the equation. You know your gym buddy is going to be at the gym, so you have to be there too. You’d feel terrible if you let your gym buddy down, wouldn’t you?

– Reward yourself in a healthy way after your workout: grab an all fruit smoothie, watch an episode of your favorite TV show, have a dance party with your friends, play with your dog or relax while listening to your favorite recording artist.

– Track your progress every week so you can monitor how much your workouts are paying off. Measure your body fat, strength, power and agility. If you need help with these tests, ask a trainer at your local gym if they can help you out.

– Take a 10-minute nap before you go to the gym. If you’re feeling reallllly sluggish, a cat nap is almost always all you need to give you that spurt of energy for the gym. Don’t forget to set your alarm so you don’t fall asleep for hours!!

– Make yourself a large cup of black or green tea. Again, helping out those energy levels with another trick. I prefer tea over coffee, especially if I’ve already had a cup of coffee. Coffee dehydrates you more and makes your heart pump faster, and thus, work much harder than tea does. Tea is hydrating and not as potent as coffee, and I think it gives you a more balanced energy, rather than getting the jitters for an hour or two and then crashing.

– Remember that going to the gym makes you feel better, look better, enhances your health and increases your life span. If you don’t go to the gym, you los those benefits, and your quality of life plummets.

– If you have a ton of other things to do, just make a note of them so you won’t forget to do them, and make a promise to yourself that you will get the tasks done within a certain amount of time. If you keep that promise to yourself, you won’t worry about all of the things you have to do. Instead you’ll trust that you’ll be able to get them done in the amount of time you’ve allotted for yourself.

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