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There are people who don’t do cardio at all because it is so boring to them.

They would rather have lunch with an annoying friend or stare at a blank wall than hop on an elliptical or treadmill!

People who don’t enjoy getting their cardio in on an elliptical or treadmill say the time passes sooooo slowly and that the repetitive motion their body goes through gets wayyyyyy too repetitive.

The best alternative to machine-based cardio is group exercise!

Group exercise is a great alternative to machine-based cardio because:
– It works more muscles than walking on a treadmill or using an elliptical.
– There is a whole group of people and an instructor there to motivate you.
– The instructor guides you through the workout.
– It is anything but monotonous.
– There a myriad of group exercise classes to choose from, so you can constantly change up the kind of class you take.
– You become friends with the people in your classes(s).
– It is a fitness and social activity wrapped up into one event.
– It’s fun!

You can take group exercise classes at any large commercial gym. Smaller and more exclusive gyms usually have group exercise options, they just don’t offer as many classes and times as larger gyms.

What is your favorite group exercise class?

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