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If you don’t give yourself one rest day per week, you may be overtraining.

Overtraining can actually make you weaker, not stronger. Contrary to what you may feel about a rest day (guilt or laziness), you need a rest day so your body can repair and strengthen itself and so that you can emotionally refuel and garner more motivation to get back in the gym.

A rest day will actually heighten your performance level in the gym!

Overtraining results in some of the following symptoms: decreased appetite, increased susceptibility to injury, a drop in performance, insomnia, headaches, pain in muscles and joints, decreased immunity, moodiness and irritability, loss of enthusiasm for exercise and a decrease in training capacity and/or intensity.If you feel a combination of these symptoms, you may not be giving your body adequate recovery time.

A recovery day is important because that’s when your body adapts to your current exercise intensity level and repairs damaged tissue and replenishes energy stores. If you don’t allow yourself a rest day, your body won’t be able to recover from the stress you’ve put it through while working out.

If you’re overtrained, you’ll definitely feel the negative results in the gym.

Give yourself a break!

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