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A long day at work, a million things to do and feeling tired can make fitting a trip to the gym into your schedule feel impossible. This is especially true if you have a family to care for.

But we’re talking about your health here – your LIFE. You need to make time for the things that truly matter (YOU MATTER).

If you’re not healthy, don’t feel well or are lacking energy, you can’t do all the things you need to do anyway! From here on out, you are number 1. Number 1 gets to go the gym and takes a few minutes to make a healthy sack lunch for the next day.

Those small actions determine future health and longevity. Knowing that a workout is going to make your life more enjoyable today as well as down the road is your motivation. Think about how many medical bills the gym will save you, how much better it will make you look and feel and how it will boost your stamina and energy levels so that you can do MORE than everything on your to-do list.

Your health and how long you live depend on whether or not you care for your body properly.

Caring for yourself properly involves two main elements: nutrition and exercise. It always boils down to those two things whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your image, or optimize your health.

People keep turning to diet pills and quick fixes because they seem like an easier route, when in fact those alternatives don’t work at all because they aren’t changes that are made for good, they are phony spurts of change that make you FEEL like you’re doing something to fix whatever you want to fix, that only help you to end up back where you started.

In reality, you have to find a minimum of 1 hour twice per week to allot for the gym. If that’s too much, just find 1 hour per week for the gym. Start there and see where that takes you.

Don’t go to the gym and start lifting heavy weights! Bring your iPod and hop on the treadmill and walk slowly, get on the recumbent bike or the elliptical trainer and plug away for 20 minutes. Then do a few exercises on the machines you know how to work. If you don’t know how to work any, sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer and get him or her to show you a few moves.

Most gyms offer a free introductory session with a personal trainer, so make sure you ask! After you learn a few exercises start doing them once per week – after about a month of doing them once per week, start doing them twice per week. Again, take it SLOW. I don’t recommend rushing and pushing an exercise routine. This is something you’re going to live with forever, so make it doable and enjoyable. Find an exercise buddy or bring a personal trainer on board for good.

We can always use a little help of course. I believe in natural products that work with your body – no phony diet pills or quick fixes. The following are all healthy, safe and effective ways to help you look your best! Get natural remedies at Blue Spring Wellness, download a few workout videos for rainy days at iTRAIN and check out Primal Nutrition and Supplements To Go for some of the highest quality supplements around.

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