Change It Up For Lasting Results!!

Have you ever found yourself working out consistently, eating all of the right foods, drinking plenty of water, dropping body fat, losing inches and buying smaller size clothing!? It’s so rewarding to progress toward your ideal body and feel good too! And then all of a sudden…you start GAINING body fat back and your back in the jeans you just decided were too big for you? It’s like overnight something happened.

But it wasn’t overnight. It was an accumulation of stagnation in your fitness and nutrition programs (and possibly lifestyle) that got you there.

Do you know what thwarts stagnation?

A DISRUPTION in your fitness and nutrition programs every 4 months. When I say “disruption,” I mean a dramatic change needs to happen.

For example: If you always run on the treadmill for your cardio, take a high-intensity dance class instead. Another example: Only drink fresh squeezed vegetable juice for 2 days, and witness your metabolism jump ten stories.

You get bored and your body gets bored if you don’t do make regular changes to your fitness and nutrition programs. Basically, you adapt! You want to adapt in the sense that you become stronger and able to adhere to a your regimens, but you don’t want to get become emotionally and mentally withdrawn because the challenge is no longer there, you don’t want your metabolism to stagnate from a lack of alteration in your fitness and nutrition programs.

When your fitness and nutrition programs stay the same, you stay the same. You must modify your programs to achieve lasting results!

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