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It’s time for a little education on body type!

Everyone has a “body type.” The three body types for men and women are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

– Ectomorphs have narrow shoulders and hips, a thin and narrow face, a high forehead, a thin and narrow chest and abdomen, a small percentage of body fat and slender legs and arms.

– Mesomorphs have a large head, broad shoulders and a narrow waist, a muscular body, a small body fat percentage, a long torso and a good shoulder to waist ratio.

– Endomorphs are pear-shaped, have wide hips, narrow shoulders, a moderate to large body fat percentage especially in the upper arm and thigh area, thin ankles and wrists, a wide bone structure and a slower metabolism.

For women, the typing gets even more specific.

Women are further classified into more specific body types: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval or Diamond.

– A narrow waist and equal amounts of body fat split between the upper and lower body (an equal bust and hip size) characterize the Hourglass shape.

– Women with the Rectangle body type have a small bust and bottom and don’t have a very defined waist. This is a more athletic looking body type.

– The Triangle shape describes women with a larger hip than bust measurement. The bottom, thighs and hips have the most fat in this body type.

– Women with an Inverted Triangle shape tend to have wide shoulders, a large bust and narrow hips.

– An Oval body type consists of shoulders that are narrower or as wide as the hips, a full neck, a waist that is as wide as or larger than the shoulders and hips and the legs may have a fit look. This shape is usually a product of weight gain.

– The Diamond shape describes women with hips that are broader than their bust and shoulders and a full midriff.

Now that you know what body type you have, you can design your workouts to flatter your body type. For example: If you have a Rectangle body type you may want to focus more on squats and chest presses to add curves to the bust and buttocks areas.

If you’re the Hourglass shape, you may want to pull back on the squats and chest presses because you already have curvature in the bust and buttocks areas.

Remember, every body type is BEAUTIFUL!! Confidence and a good nature will make your body type even more desirable. Flaunt it!

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