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Life is always enjoyed the most when balance is present.

You may be able to handle too much of something for a little while, but eventually you’ll go mad or lose motivation if you only focus on one activity at full force for too long.

You need balance (a little bit of whatever is on the opposite end of the spectrum) to create happiness.

Think about this: After you’ve had a grilled chicken breast with rice and green beans, you probably tell yourself that you shouldn’t have dessert, because you’re watching what you eat in order to optimize your health (and appearance)! BUT, sometimes a big brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a massive red velvet cupcake can really top off the meal. That’s balance – Not swaying too far in one direction by saying, “I will never have dessert again so I can look my VERY best,” but staying level-headed and throwing in a little treat here and there (once a week), which allows you to enjoy life. That’s they key – ENJOY LIFE!

I’m not saying to go eat dessert every night. I’m just saying you need to have dessert every ONCE IN A WHILE.

Make time for important friends, family and things you think are fun, and you will stay inspired (and won’t burn out)!

Need a little help balancing out your eating regimen? Try The Zone Diet! It’s a way of life that enhances your health by reducing cellular inflammation. The Zone Diet also offers a variety of unique dietary products that make it easier to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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