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It will be easier for you to attain a specific goal than a broad one.

If you haven’t figured out what you really want, your goal will lack focus, details and specificity. It will also be impossible to attain because if you don’t know exactly what you want, what do you think you’re going to get? Probably something you don’t want!

For example: If you decide to be an actor, you must decide what kind you want to be. You can choose to do theatre, commercials, comedy, dramatic films, etc. Once you’ve honed your desire, you’ll be able to pursue a specific course of action. This will prevent exhaustion, frustration and spreading yourself too thin by trying to accomplish things you don’t want or things that don’t help you achieve what you do want.

Specificity produces a focused desire. Your goal becomes more attainable because you know exactly what you want.

You won’t waste time, energy or resources in any area that won’t help you accomplish your goal.

Here’s how to decide if a goal is worth pursuing:
1. First, take notice what kind of feeling you have in your gut when you think about your goal. If you start thinking of your current goal and get butterflies in your stomach, great!

2. The next move is to test the goal with logic. Think critically about the goal you’ve chosen. If you were working toward the goal you chose, would you love every day, minute and second of it? Now sleep on the decision you’ve made, but don’t sleep on it for too long. I’d give it 2 to 3 nights max. Then make the decision to pursue or to not pursue the goal.

3. Once you’ve made a decision, you must start working toward it. There will be lots of work that goes on between now and the day you actually achieve your goal (just being realistic). Don’t worry; you WILL achieve your goal! If you’ve gone through the decision making process correctly, the work should be fun for you because it will be closely related to your goal.

Here’s an example of how to work toward a goal:
– If you’ve made up your mind to be a lawyer, start studying for the LSAT, take a lower-level job at a law firm to learn about the environment you’ll be working in and use your position to make connections. Be nice to everyone! Be nice to the janitor and the new faces in the office. Don’t forget to be polite to the assistants and interns. What if you were the secretary or an intern? Wouldn’t you want people higher up in the company to be nice to you?

– If you change your mind about a goal in the midst of chasing it and decide to pursue another, that’s OK! Feel free to change your mind. We often feel that if we change our minds, we’re failures. That’s not the case at all. Just go through the decision making process once more, and sleep on your decision for 3 nights max. Then act on the new ideas you’ve developed.

– Don’t beat yourself up for changing your mind if you do. Sometimes the change of direction is good and comes at the perfect time; right before you can no longer change your mind because you’ve run out of time, resources or money. Don’t forget to take what you learned from the last goal chase into the next. You can always take what you’ve learned in the past and apply it to your current pursuit.

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