I bet you didn’t know that you can actual fool your body by eating what you want. Eating what you want to eat comes into play BIG TIME when tricking your metabolism.

One way you will NOT lose weight is by eating 1,500 calories per day or however many you decide is appropriate to cause weight loss. You’ll lose some weight at first, but then things will change.

When you eat a certain number of calories every day, your body gets used to it and your metabolism comes to a standstill. When you change things up your metabolism WAKES UP! Here are some ways to kick fat burning into high gear:

High Protein/High Carbohydrate: This zigzag eating regimen consists of a high protein diet six days of the week and one day of eating as many carbs as you desire. This zigzag can be done other ways, such as five days of a high protein diet and two days of high carbohydrate, but I have had the best results with the six days of high protein and the one day of high carbohydrate, so that is what I encourage you to try or work toward.

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On the high protein days, try to only eat an apple or grapefruit for your carbohydrates. This will cause your body to get used to the lower carb lifestyle and when your day of “carb craziness” comes, your metabolism will go absolutely bonkers and start burning some major fat. This is because you suddenly alter your diet and your body has to readjust. This is my favorite zigzag program because I LOVE carbs and I get to go carb crazy for one day per week.

If you want to lose even more fat, only eat complex carbohydrates on your carb days. Check out this list of complex carbohydrate foods. Of course, you don’t have to be super healthy when you eat complex carbohydrates. After all, it is your cheat day. Get creative. I recommend buying come whole wheat flour and making some whole wheat pancakes doused in syrup.

You should tailor the cheat day to your fat loss goals and discipline at this point in changing your eating regimen. It takes time. Go easy on yourself and take this one step at a time.

Low Calorie/High Calorie: This zigzag eating regimen consists of eating a predetermined number of calories for six days of the week and not counting your calories one day of the week (eat as much as you want). In order to find out how many calories you should eat on your low calories days, check out the calorie calculator at www.freedieting.com.

If you find the number of calories the calorie calculator tells you to eat is too few, it’s OK. For now, add 200-300 calories onto whatever answer the calorie calculator gave you and slowly subtract calories each week until you reach the number it gave you to begin with.

On your high calorie day, do as you please! Indulge, satisfy your cravings and don’t feel guilty about it. You need that high calorie day to help you stick to your limit on those low calorie days. Isn’t it easier when you have something to look forward to? Even better, your high calorie day throws off your metabolism and causes you to slim down a little.

If it’s too difficult for you to do six low calorie days, do five low calorie days and two high calorie days for 3 weeks and then start doing the six low calorie days and one high calorie day plan. You will see a dramatic change in the first month, and a complete transformation by month six if you stick to one of these zigzag plans.

Having those “pig out” days make the zigzag diet so easy to stick to! Get after it and throw a little zig-zag into your life 😉

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