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What you eat can make you feel absolutely wonderful or absolutely terrible. So let’s talk about food.

In order to change the way you eat on a daily basis, you have to find a routine you can stick to FOREVER. I don’t recommend going on a “diet,” because most people think of them as short term, or something that they’ll stick to for a few months and then forget about.

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  • I feel stronger, fitter, healthier and happier all thanks to Meryl. After suffering a shoulder injury and falling off the fitness wagon, I needed help and thankfully found Meryl. She makes working out fun, but be ready to work hard and push yourself. She also goes above and beyond with affirmations and eating plans to train you body, mind and spirit. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time and will carry on the tools she gave me. Highly recommend!!!!!!
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  • I've worked with excellent trainers before, so I know when somebody knows her stuff. Meryl had a plan from day one, and is relentless in helping me implement it. She's also a fierce advocate for me on days when I'm not feeling able to give my best. I've a long way to go before I get to the "destination", but I have no doubt about Meryl's ability to help me get there. Training sessions are fun, varied, and tough in exactly the way they should be. I've made tangible gains in two months and feel better than I have in years.
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  • Working with meryl has been a joy! I am by no means an athlete or a health nut. I'd sit forever and live off donuts if i could (I probably have at times). I was waaaay off the fitness wagon when I started with meryl but she has gotten me on track! It's actually fun to work out now ( close to fun as it will ever be for a person who loves to lounge as much as I do). I'm on my second leg of training and I have had amazing results in body fat percentage reduction, weight loss and overall fitness in just 2 months. I'm now motivated to keep my fitness goals going and her training has been instrumental in getting me to this place. She's also fantastic at working with people with injuries. Highly recommended!
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  • Meryl is a great trainer. She is very skilled and enthusiastic. She takes time to really get to know her clients and their desires and goals. Based on her client's expectations, Meryl tailors every session towards helping her clients achieve their wishes. She pushes you to perfection and is there every step of the way even when you are not in session with her! Meryl is an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend her to anyone!
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Eating the right foods on a daily basis will easily become part of your lifestyle, if you approach things in the right way. I recommend slowly taking a “bad” food out of your “diet” and replacing it with a “good” food every couple weeks.

I also encourage you to take one cheat day per week and eat whatever you want. It will be easier to stick to the changes you make in your lifestyle if you know you have a splurge day just around the corner. Everyone’s eating regimen is different, and I encourage you to develop your own with certain foods you like and enjoy, that are also good for you.

GOOD Foods: I recommend vegetables, fruits low on the glycemic index, lean meats (chicken, fish, pork), protein bars, low-fat dairy products, nuts, and small amounts of whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice. I say small amounts because eating too many carbs causes your insulin levels to spike, which causes you to store fat.

BAD Foods: Stay away from sugary foods, packaged foods, desserts, fruit high on the glycemic index (like pineapple and watermelon), semolina (white) pasta, white bread and white rice.

Today, humans actually don’t need that many carbs, because we are much more sedentary than we used to be. Before the industrial revolution, people worked outside doing manual labor or on farms plowing fields and milking cows, which meant they were moving all day long and thus, burning lots of calories!

When the industrial revolution hit, humans were replaced with machines, and instead of moving around all day, they just SAT in front of machines and operated them. A vigorous work environment in the great outdoors evolved into a sedentary work environment at the computer or whatever equipment was being operated.

Back then when everyone plowed fields, it was OK to eat a lot of carbs, because they were getting burned off via manual labor. Today, people sit at computers all day long and the carbs they eat don’t get burned, which is why it is so important for people with sedentary jobs to exercise and lower the amount of carbs they eat.

Also, the famous food pyramid is totally wrong in my opinion. It tells you to eat anywhere from 7-13 servings of carbs per day. That’s crazy! Who created the food pyramid? I bet the people selling grains had some say in the matter. I could be wrong…just speculating.

Get a load of this: When you do low impact, slow-paced cardiovascular exercise, you burn FAT, when you do high impact, fast-paced cardiovascular exercise you burn CARBS.

I’m not saying don’t go on a run, just don’t feel guilty if you need a break from running and decide to go on a walk instead.

Low impact cardiovascular exercise, like swimming and bicycling, is also great if you have bad knees or injuries that prohibit you from running. As long as you stick to a low carb diet, low impact exercise will effectively help you achieve your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, if you’re lifting weights and running 6 miles, 5 days a week, your body needs more carbohydrates. High Impact Exercise = Your Body Needs More Carbs.

Here’s a delicious low carb recipe to get you started: Chicken cobb salad with blue cheese buttermilk dressing from Healthy Food for Living.

If you don’t have time to prepare meals try Bistro MD. If you need to be held accountable, try DietWatch. If you like cookies, cupcakes and sweets, try the cookie diet available at Smart for Life. If you want something other than what I’ve listed here, try the ZONE Diet. Many people have had GREAT success with it!

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