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Forget about the “3 Meals a Day” thing. It’s wrong. You should be eating 5-7 bird-size meals per day.

Why?! Because your body can only break down so much food at once. If you eat a large meal, whatever your body can’t process, it stores as fat…and nobody wants that!

I also want to point out that eating food is not a bad thing!

Food has a thermogenic effect, which means it affects the heat in the body and increases the body’s metabolism and its ability to burn fat.

Health experts say that eating at regular intervals helps stabilize blood sugar and energy levels.

A few ways to get yourself in the habit of eating smaller meals is to:
– Stop eating before you’re full.
– Eat slowly.
– Eat like a bird; nibble on something, then put it back in the fridge. Go back for more nibbling in 30 minutes to an hour.
– Don’t wait to eat until you’re so hungry that you have pains in your stomach! If you’re starving, you are more likely to overeat.
– Cook regular sized meals and stick half in the fridge for later.
– Put a note on your fridge that says, “Eat smaller meals and look like this!” Put a picture of someone’s body you want to have next to the motivational sentence.
– Pack smaller lunches.
– Order appetizers when you go out with friends, or only eat half of your plate and take the rest to go.

If you don’t believe me, just try eating more small meals throughout the day for a week. If you try this, I predict you’ll have more energy, and you’ll start dropping inches immediately! Get into the habit of doing more snacking and less large meal eating, and you’ll love the way it makes you look and feel!!

Let me know how you feel when you eat 3 large meals throughout the day versus eating 5-7 small meals! How much better do you feel?

Interested in losing weight even faster? Try the Zone Diet.

The Zone Diet is a way of life that helps you decrease your body fat percentage by reducing cellular inflammation.

The creators behind the Zone Diet say cellular inflammation is the underlying cause of not only weight gain and the acceleration of chronic disease, but also the reason behind decreasing physical, emotional, and mental performance. Give the Zone Diet a try!!

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