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You are a direct reflection of what you eat!

You should be eating a balanced diet, because a limited group of foods, or a single food cannot supply you with all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to maintain your health and function efficiently.

A balanced diet contains:
– 20-30% Protein
– 20-30% Healthy Fats
– 40-60% Carbohydrates in the form of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains.

By adopting a balanced diet eating regimen, you will be sure to get enough essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

If you don’t get the proper amount of one of the food groups, you may experience disease, infections, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, poor physical and/or mental health or poor growth.

On the other hand, if you get too much of one of the food groups, you may experience diabetes, obesity, weight gain, insulin resistance or heart disease.

Mark a definite date in your calendar to start eating balanced meals at every meal. Get an accountability partner to hold you accountable for sticking to your plans, and make it happen!

What are some ways you make sure you get a balanced meal at every meal?

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