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Beachbody is the creator of some the most popular in-home fitness programs including: P90X, P90X2, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, 10 Minute Trainer, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, Body Beast, Turbo Fire, Yoga Booty Ballet, Les Mills PUMP, Rockin’ Body, ChaLEAN, Power 90 Boot Camp and Tai Cheng.

Because Beachbody offers SO many different types of home workout programs which vary in intensity, time, length and style, there is no way you won’t find a workout that fits your personality. It’s great to have in-home workout DVDs for rainy days and times when you just can’t make it to the gym.

Some of us like tough workouts, some of us like to work with weights, others like cardio, and some of us like dance workouts! It is so important to find a workout you enjoy, so you keep at it week after week. This can be achieved with Beachbody products.

With so many different types of workouts to choose from at Beachbody, you can easily change up your workout routine every few months by trying one of their other workouts. Varying the type of workout you do in length, intensity and style is so important because you work more muscles and muscle groups, you heighten your love for working out with something “new,” and your body won’t get used to your workout routine, which means you’ll be stronger, burn more calories and the muscle firing capability of ALL of your muscles will be much better than anyone you know!

Some people actually lose the capability to even fire a muscle and flex it because they haven’t used it in so long. I see this happen a lot with the glutes (butt muscles). Better do some Brazil Butt Lift workouts!

Here’s WHY the Beachbody products work (according to the Beachbody website):

– Their products are developed with a team of experts and are thoroughly tested before being sold to the public.

– Beachbody’s approach is realistic: If you work consistently, you will get great results.

– Their fitness programs offer closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.

– Their fitness DVDs offer the option to turn music on or off to suit your preference.

– Beachbody’s success trickles down from the top: Co-founders Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon are heavily involved in the creation of Beachbody products and publish their “before” and “after” photos to prove it.

– Beachbody provides 24/7 motivation and peer support through the Message Boards, led by Beachbody customers who have had great success with the products.

– Beachbody is one of only 65 organizations recognized for outstanding ethics and professionalism in email marketing practices out of more than 1,000 organizations that were surveyed in a 2004 Email Best Practices study by Arial Software.

– Beachbody has approximately 45,000 visitors per day and approximately 400,000 page views daily. The Message Boards include approximately 1.26 million members, with an average of 95,000 page views per day. The average American Web surfer spends 3 minutes on a Beachbody site. The average Message Boards user spends approximately 1 minute and 4 seconds on the boards per visit.

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