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Corrective exercise is the main ingredient in reducing pain and improving stabilization and mobility.

How do you get rid of aches and pains? Become more functional? Build a strong foundation? Enhance Posture? Increase strength and power? Balance your muscular system? It all starts with CORRECTIVE EXERCISE.

As you increase your workout frequency, volume and difficulty, you will be able to handle it because of proper foundation building with corrective exercise.

Most people either have Lower Crossed Syndrome or Upper Crossed Syndrome.

Lower Crossed Syndrome = weak gluteals, tight hip flexors, tight lower back with swayback and locked knees.

Upper Crossed Syndrome = tight chest (pectorals), rounded shoulders (hunchback), weak upper-middle back (lower, middle and upper trapezius and serratus anterior), weak deep neck flexors and weak muscles running up the sides of the neck (levator scapular).

Here are some of my favorite corrective exercises…

To correct Lower Crossed Syndrome:
–       Cats & Dogs
–       Prisoner Squats
–       Quadraped
–       Hip Bridge
–       Anterior Reach

To correct Upper Crossed Syndrome:
–       Straight Arm Pull-Down with Tubing
–       Squat to Row
–       Single Arm Low Row with Static Lunge
–       Straight Arm Plank to Forearm Plank

Why corrective exercise? Because it’s an essential ingredient for long term success in fitness and in life!

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