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There are two types of recovery: short and long-term. In this blog post, we will talk about short-term recovery.

Short-term recovery occurs within several hours after exercise.

During short-term recovery you should actively cool down. For example, take a non-brisk walk for 5-10 minutes and stretch for 5 minutes to actively recover after a long run, or do a lower-intensity workout the day following your more intense workout.

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Active or short-term recovery also involves replenishing lost fluids (drink plenty of water after a workout) and getting the right foods in your system so your muscles can rebuild themselves.

Immediately following a workout you should make sure to get enough protein (chicken, fish, pork, protein bar or shake) so that you optimize protein synthesis. This is the process of increasing the protein content of muscle cells, which prevents muscle breakdown. The less your muscles “breakdown” the faster they recover and the stronger you’ll feel during your next workout.

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Also, during short-term recovery your muscles, tendons and ligaments repair themselves and your body gets rid of the chemicals that were built up during exercise.

Live Superfoods has plenty of raw foods, supplements and even water gear like water bottles, filters and ionizers (up to six times more hydrating than regular water) to help your body recover FASTER.

Getting enough sleep is also crucial for short-term recovery. Skipping out on sleep every once in a while is ok, but don’t let it become a habit.

Stay tuned – the next blog post will give you all you need to know about long-term recovery!!

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