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When you’re fit you’re stronger, you have stamina, you sleep better at night (because a good workout makes you tired), you decrease your chances of certain diseases, such as heart disease and obesity, you have more energy and you feel better!

If you take even the smallest amount of time a few times a week to strengthen your muscles, stretch and do cardio, you’ll be well on your way to improving your quality of life.

All of the benefits of exercise improve all other areas of your life.

If you have more energy, you’ll be able to get more done at work.

If you’re able to sleep better at night, you’ll have more focus during the day, which amounts to increased productivity.

If you decrease your chances for disease, that means less visits and money spent at the doctor.

But you can only get all of these wonderful benefits IF you exercise.

IF you don’t exercise, there are no benefits. You have to find a way to get yourself to actually exercise on a consistent basis.

Ways to get your butt out of your chair and into the gym:
– Get a personal trainer – BEST WAY!
– Find a workout buddy who you can count on.
– Run or walk with your dog (You can always count on your dog.)
– Join a gym close to your work or home (depends on what is most convenient for you).
– Keep a workout journal. Write down your weekly workout goals in the journal, and stick to them! Track your progress. The results will keep you going back for more.
– Measure your waist and hips once a month while on your workout program. I guarantee you will lose inches if you stick to your workout regimen and eat healthy meals.

Don’t wait to start working out. All you have to do is throw on some tennis shoes, sweat pants and a t-shirt and take a walk outside.

That’s all there is to starting your weight loss journey!

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