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As the years go by, you become less active for a number of reasons: you don’t have as much time to be active, you no longer play high school sports, you think working out is boring, your lifestyle has changed, etc.

As you age and do less, you lose the ability to activate certain muscles because you aren’t using them, which can lead to chronic pain, injuries and the ability to do less – who wants that?

I believe as you get older you should keep doing and doing and doing as much as you can, because the more you do now, the more you strengthen your bodies NOW, the MORE you’ll be able to do down the line.

The, “I don’t have time” excuse is no good, because you DO have time for your health. You always have time for your health.

If you’re not healthy, you don’t feel good and you’re going to be less productive because of the way you feel. If you don’t take the time to continue being active now, I guarantee you won’t like the results later.



The first step I recommend taking to introduce fitness and activity into your life, is to schedule one time a week for 15 minutes for activity. ONLY 15 MINUTES! Yes – that’s what I said. That’s all it takes to get going. Tell a good friend when you’ve scheduled that 15 minutes (the day and time) and tell them you’ll call them when you’re done to talk briefly about how it went – first ask if it’s OK to do follow up with a call.

After you consistently implement that 15 minutes of activity every week for 4 weeks, then add another 15 minutes of activity into your schedule on a different day of the week – make sure the day is a day away from the other activity day. EX: If you do 15 minutes of activity on Monday, then the earliest next activity day you could have would be that Wednesday. This is so your body has the time it needs to recover between activity periods.

What can you do during your activity period? ANYTHING!!! You can window shop, walk your dog, walk and talk on the phone at the same time, ride your bike, roller skate, roller blade, ice skate, swim, hike or dance! It’s up to you.

Now it’s time to stop reading and start moving! Get ACTIVE with a little help from Sun & Ski Sports, STOTT PILATES, SmoothFitness, Performance Bike, Paragon Sports, LIVE STRONG FITNESS, Brooks Running, BeachBody and ActivewearUSA!!

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