• What is the ZipZapFit mission?

    To permanently elevate the quality of your life to an unimaginable level with efficient, effective, sustainable and fun Fitness, Nutrition and Life Strategy Coaching Programs.
  • How will ZipZapFit help me?

    ZipZapFit strives to solve any Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle or Life problem you have. We are here to serve your unique needs with our creativity, knowledge and innovative spirit.
  • What makes ZipZapFit different from other Fitness, Nutrition and Life Strategy Coaching companies?

    We provide you with practical and applicable tools that get you tangible results. The owner, Meryl Hawk, has over a decade of experience coaching thousands in Fitness, Nutrition and Life Strategy. As a result, she has developed highly efficient, effective, sustainable and fun in-person and online programs that provide you with practical and applicable tools to attain and permanently sustain the level of fitness and life success you dream of.

  • Why would I need help with Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle (how I live my life)?

    If you are honest with yourself, you probably have not optimized your fitness level. If you have optimized your fitness level in the past, you probably have not been able to sustain the degree of fitness you reached at that point in time. Why do you think this is?

    It’s because you don’t have a highly experienced, educated and passionate coach.

  • Why do I need a great coach?

    1. Great coaches know how to determine what works and what does not work for different types of people. You are unique, and you need a unique Fitness, Nutrition and Life Strategy Coaching Plan that is designed specifically for the type of person you are.

    2. Great coaches also weed out the misinformation from the correct information. They know the correct information from the misinformation, because they have been there themselves, they have studied and accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge in their field(s) of expertise, and they continue to learn and improve their knowledge.

    3. Great coaches inspire by igniting an unremitting fire within you. This takes a coach who is so zealous about what they have to teach you, that by igniting that fire within you, it adds wood and thus more passion to their own. This type of coach cares about your success and believes in you every step of the way – even when you stray from your path. You need a consistent and unfathomable drive in order to optimize your results in fitness and lifestyle.

    4. Great coaches help you see what you cannot see. There is a level of success that you have not been able to discover yet on your own. You do not know it is there because you do not yet know how to unearth and develop the resources you already have within yourself in order to attain the success you are truly capable of and reveal your true possibilities.

    Meryl Hawk is your great coach!

  • What if I already feel fit, I eat a healthy diet by my standards, and I’m happy with how I live my life?

    You must continually transcend your fitness limits in order to live the most fulfilling and rewarding life possible, and there is always more to learn about how to more effectively sustain your current level of fitness. If you are truly serious about living the highest quality of life possible, you need our help nurturing your fitness level to a higher echelon and sustaining that growth. Our programs will also help you uncover your blind spots, barriers and self-imposed limitations, which of course you cannot see on your own.

  • How do I start?